Design Royale

A party in-progress, for the best mind-boggling night of the Milan Design week.

10 days of digital work (facebook, twitter, flickr) + 14 days of physical work in Milan hideaways for one long night at the giardino segreto. A magical space filled with an extravaganza of…

15th april, via della Moscova 28, Milan (from 11.00 pm through the night)

About DR

At the dawn of the millennium, the nation collapsed. At fifteen percent unemployment, ten million were out of work. 800,000 students boycotted school. The adults lost confidence and, fearing the youth, eventually passed the Millennium Educational Reform Act, AKA the DR Act.

DR is an on-line workshop, a party-in-progress, and the best mind-boggling night of the Milan Design week.
It’s an ongoing project built through human relationships & lots of fun.
14 days of digital work using social media (facebook, twitter, flickr).
14 days of physical work in Milan hideaways
5 days of play and hard work and games on-the-spot
All of this to make one long night at the giardino segreto – a magical hidden space of tricks where everyone is invited.
An extravaganza of mammoths, sauna, bbq mongtolfier, photo boots, ex-voto, speed-creating, inflatable sumo suits, bento boxes, rope ladders, nets and hammocks, a household aquarium, and a coffin experience + much more…
15th april, via della Moscova 28, Milan (from 11.00 pm through the night)


10th of April – 5 days until the big event  – Design Royale.
After several weeks of preparation, curiosity is building up and the demand for explanations and clarifications is at an all time high. But what is Design Royale?
The grapevine is growing, links are forwarded, and the website attracts click after click, followed by plenty of chat and exchanges on Twitter and Facebook. Still, it is not easy to understand.
And everybody is asking!
At the beginning of this project, by mutual agreement, we decided not to send out a press release, and to leave everything shrouded in mystery. We gradually released clues and fragments along the way towards the grand Design Royale event and exhibition at 11pm on Friday 15th April – when all will be revealed.
In a world in which everyone clearly communicates what they want to do, we thought it would be a clever idea (very naively) to work on the opposite principle.
In fact, the pressure to tell all has become too much now, therefore we have eaten our words and here we are with our fabulous press release.
What can we say?
Put very simply, Design Royale is a design experiment.
Organise an event in the era of Facebook and Twitter. Blending the physical (glass cube + secret garden in via della Moscova 28) with the immateriality of the digital.
An event created by involving people in several locations around the world, working passionately with social media, e-mail, and Skype.
Put together the best of contemporary Italian design with one hundred young designers and students who live in different continents.
New media has completely changed our lives. We ask if the Fuori Salone event and exhibitions can change with it, and what are the opportunities for experimentation and invention?
An event where the main medium is Facebook. Supported by Twitter. And the Mediateca degli Atellani: a fascinating urban space in Milan.
Make a rapid prototype (low-cost / hi-quality: in technical jargon we are referring to rapid prototyping), to test a number of assumptions and ideas that we have in mind.
A pop-up event and exhibition involving different minds and attitudes, and no sure results (which is what makes it interesting to watch, and follow).
Create a short-circuit between traditional communication systems, the element of play, a party, and thereby multiplying the message in infinite ways.
And then what? We still don’t know, exactly.
We are already working on a second episode for the summer.
A new event? Maybe. A summer camp? It might be, but not necessarily. A school? Inconceivable.
…It’s more likely to be a club…, yes, a club…keep tuned….

Welcome to Design Royale

The project can be followed remotely by going to:
@d_royale su Twitter
design royale su Facebook
Videoleaks su Vimeo

The intense month of work will conclude on Friday 15th April at 11pm in:
Design Royale al Cubo, Mediateca degli Atellani, in via della Moscova 28.
From Monday 11th April (daily from 3-10pm) we invite you to the making-of, an opportunity to learn, exchange, and build meaning, unexpected relationships.
The design arena will remain open on Saturday, 16th April.

Design Royale is organised by:all zone, Pierluigi Anselmi, Claudio Farina, Rachel Fincken, Id-Lab (Michele Aquila, Bruna Cortinovis, Pan Gu, Stefano Mirti, Noemi Piccioli), Giulio Mannino, Alessandro Mininno, Matteo Riva
Art direction: Matteo Riva (Crockhaus)
Video: Pierluigi Anselmi with Giulio Mannino (sound by Alessandro Contini)
Photographs: Mariano Dallago
with the participation of: Leslie Borg, Elio Caccavale, Alessandro Contini, Mariano Dallago, Duilio Forte, Francesco Librizzi, Danila Pellicani, Hagit Pincovici, Luca Poncellini, Paolo Priolo, Giordano Rizzardi, Antonio Scarponi (Conceptual Device), Alessandro Scandurra, Anita Silva
and special collaboration with: Luca Ballarini (and Italic)

Speed Creating is a project by Dominic Wilcox, curated by Susanna Legrenzi

Media Partners: Klat >
for the Cubo thanks to: Alessandro Cotroneo, Joelle Williams, Agata De Laurentiis
Special thanks to the experts and advisors for the online workshops with young designers:
Elio Caccavale, Rachaporn Choochuey, Peter Lang, Francesca Lanzavecchia, Tommaso Maggio, Attanasio Mazzone, Laura Perin, Hunn Way
Invited designers:
Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Faculty of Architecture, Dept. of Architecture:
Watcharapol Taemeyachat, Tanachai Thavornwatsakul, Ruchanan Patarapanich, Pote Laddaphan, Puttikit Suvarnapunya, Kiattikhun Nimcharoenwan, Asrin Sanguanwongwan, Patsaraporn Liewatanakorn, Kanya Vithayadumrong, Kanyada Nitjarunkul
BKK, Thailand:Simona Meesaiyati, Panjaporn Chaichompoo, Pariphat Sinma, Karit Vichaithanaruks, Phorphen Prasertsil, Chonradee Piyapaneekul, Thanapat Teekathananontww, Ramon Ornelas, Perla Valitierra
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Singapore, 3D Design, Diploma in Furniture Design:
Calvin Pang, Tjiang Supertini
National University of Singapore, BA Industrial Design:
Terry Chin, Siew Ming Cheng, HK Ng, Darren Yeo
Dept. of Architecture Texas A&M:
Christopher Dilworth, Karine Bashoyan, Elizabeth Tschirhart, Miranda Katherine Rogers, Valerie Marie Stevens, Trey Donovan Rice, David Rose, Katie Ogden, Allison Gay, Lori Kneese, Heriberto Rodriguez Valenzuela, Daniel A. Senning, Thomas V. Bett, Danielle N. Davis, Joshua M. Wilson
Dundee University:
Andrew Tibbles, Callum Brown
Politecnico di Milano:
Huang Zhizhong, Gao Yuxin
Domus Academy, Milan, School of Fashion and Design:
Arush Baluja


Pierluigi Anselmi
When is not on vacation, Pierluigi lives and works in Milan. After studing design in Italy and France, in 2007 he opened an house-studio as photographer and clipmaker, producing stull/moving images for himself and others”young designers”. In this years he cooperated with Opos, Id-lab, Reggio Children. Pierluigi loves to work with third dimensions, making installations and performing in underground theatre. Currently he’s teaching digital applications and videoclip at NABA. In 2004 with his friends founds an art-agency called minimum.
Mariano Dallago
Freelance photographer since 1989, spending many years operating in the field of architecture and artwork reproduction. He collaborates with Italian Artistic National Heritage and local trusts cataloguing and documenting the various steps of artwork restoration. Since 1997 he is partner of Koiné, a restoration association based in Rome. Since 2009 he is Photography lecturer for Design, Media Graphic and Theatre Design undergraduate courses at NABA-New Academy of Fine Arts, Milan. He is currently working on a personal project concerning Sardinian squares for the Sardinian Ethnographic Institute.
Claudio Farina
He graduated in architecture at IUAV University (Istituto Universitario di Architettura), Venice in 1991. In the 1996 he moves to Berlin, where he works at the architecture studio of Zvi Hecker. Back in Italy in 1998, he works as a planner for a few public works made between 1998 and 2001. He is a founding member of the Starassociati architecture studio in Trieste (2001-2007) and as a member of this in 2002 is selected to design the new Museo d’Arte Moderna (Museum of Modern Art) in Muggia, Trieste. In 2005 with Kathrin Villwock he opens Salone Gemma – faltwerksalon, a small gallery, a laboratory for the production, development and dissemination of projects, ideas and reflections to offer an alternative approach to bi- and multidimensional space []. In 2007 he organised and coordinated a group of architects, designers and artists that was selected for the final of Torino Geodesign competition. Actually he is a Councillor of the Ordine degli Architetti (Architects’ Chamber) of Trieste with responsibility for exhibition and cultural activities.
Rachel Fincken
Born 07/04/1975 in Nuneaton, Leicestershire – raised in Halstead, Essex (UK) – she moved to Milan in 2000. Degree at Brighton University in Design and Material Culture studies in 1996 and a Master of Arts degree with distinction in Design Strategy and Innovation at Brunel University, London, in 1999. Expert organiser, strategist, ideologist, mother of two. She has carried out various intelligence activities for numerous international organisations. Since 2005, his innate talents as a leading mediator have earned her the role of Chief Troubleshooter at NABA in Milan, a title she still holds with great honor. A design dreamer at heart but extremely practical by nature Rachel can overcome the frequent difficulties created by students and teachers of design. Tireless, she is capable of completing consecutive missions. In 2010, she co-authored a subversive and clandestine manual on design, the contents of which are partly traceable on the internet.
Michele Aquila (ID-Lab)
Michele Aquila graduated in Architecture at the University of Florence, Italy. From 2000 to 2005 he worked as a freelance designer and video-maker for a variety of architecture studios and organisations specialising in the communication of architectonic projects. In 2003 he co-established Driftingmedia, a group dedicated to video and interactive installations, and since 2007 he is a partner of Id-Lab, working in the Milan studio. He has been involved in design education projects as a teacher on Video Making and Digital Design courses at NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milan), at VCUQ (Virginia Commonwealth University, Doha, Qatar) and coordinated the BA Design Program at NABA in 2008/9.
Bruna Cortinovis (ID-Lab)
Bruna Cortinovis graduated in Interior Design at Politecnico of Milan, attending some months abroad within the Exchange Program at Musashino Art University of Tokyo, Japan []. In 2009 she collaborates with Skira Publisher to write a book about new architectures in Milan.
Pan Gu (ID-Lab)
Pan Gu graduated in Bachelor of Art, Italian and English Language at Shanghai International Studies Univesity, China. Pan has graduated her master’s degree in 2011(Master of Science, Economics and Management in Arts, Culture, Media & Entertainment (taught in English) at Univesità Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Milan, Italy. She is corrispondent in Italy of “ART WORLD (YI SHU SHI JIE)” magazine, China & Italy and for “ELLE CHINA”, Shanghai, China.
Stefano Mirti (ID-Lab)
Stefano Mirti achieves a degree in architecture and a PhD at Torino’s politechnic. After which he moves to Japan for his post-doctorate (Tokyo University, Tadao Ando Lab) with a subsequent teaching assignment at the Tama Fine Art Academy (Tokyo). From 2001 to 2005 he is an associate professor at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, where he is also in charge of e1 (exhibition unit). As an architect he is one of Cliostraat founders []. From January 2006 he is in charge of the design school at NABA []. Stefano Mirti is partner of Id-lab where he carries out numerous activities.
Noemi Piccioli (ID-Lab)
Noemi Piccioli graduated in Architecture at the Università degli studi di Ferrara with a thesis on the urban re-evaluation of an area on the outskirts of Bologna. During her studies she particpated in an Exchange Program at PUC – and spent a year at Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Paranà, Curitiba, Brasil. Noemi graduated from a master’s degree with excellence in 2010, in “Architettura digitale – lo spazio in-forme” at INARCH in Rome.
Ivan Korlat
Ivan was born in the 1987 in Belgrade, Serbia. He finished School for the shipping, shipbuilding and hydroelectric works Belgrade 2002 – 2006 graduate, Since 2006, he is interested in architecture, interior design, the same year he entered the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Department of Interior Architecture. (2006 – present). since 2009 he is a member and employee of the BEOHAUS architectural office in Belgrade. In 2010 he entered the third year in new Academy of Fine Arts in Italy, Milan (2010 – present) Department of Interior Design.
Giulio Mannino
Giulio, born 1986. Not being a keen student at the age of 14, he enrolled at Istituto Alberghiero P. Artusi, Forlimpopoli (FC). In 2009 he moved to Milan and currently studies at NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti).
Alessandro Mininno
With a strong economics background and a LLM in Intellectual Property Law, Alessandro Mininno helped a large number of Italian Cultural Institutions in developing their activities and their digital archives. At the same time his love for vandalism produced three books and six exhibitions about graffiti. Alessandro is currently working for Uncle Pear [], helping a small number of great clients in communicating correctly over the social web. Alessandro Mininno -[ - -]
Matteo Riva
Matteo, born 1984. He graduated in graphic design at Politecnico di Milano in 2010. He is interested in illustration, publishing and particularly fond of infographics. He works for various magazines and newspapers.[]

Leslie Borg
She is a recent Media and Cultural Studies graduate who has been living and working in London for the last 5 years. She has been working as a Set Builder/Dresser and Prop Master for theatre and performances allowing me to combine my theoretical background with practical skills. Her work involves physical space and the creation of experiences while keeping in mind the user/audience.
Alessandro Contini
Alessandro Contini works on design, sound and technology. His professional training can be placed between interaction design, sound design and education: he usually defines himself a “small digital problem solver”. Graduated in Music Computer Science in Milan, he collaborates with different realities such as Interaction Design Lab, NABA (Nuova Accademia di Bella Arti), Domus Academy, Nokia Italia and with clients as Telecom, Olivetti, Fiorucci, Banca Intesa San Paolo, Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar and more…
Since 2010 he lives and works in Milan where he started focusing on contemporary art and DIY (do-it-yourself).
Duilio Forte
DVILIVS is an half Italian and half Swedish artist, he graduated in architecture at the Politecnico di Milano and conducts research in art with an emphasis on spatial dimension. His work is finalized to implementation of the design of everyday life, the epic universe in which humans move. The practical experience of the Swedish tradition with attention to the nature and simplicity come together with the large scale and complexity of Italian history, culture and art. From childhood he lived the contrast between the two cultures as a stimulus for finding a creative synthesis, a space-time dimension where the two worlds can coexist. For this on February 12, 2009 on the occasion of 200 years of Darwin’s birth, hi launch the movement ArkiZoic. The ArkiZoic manifesto trace the guidelines for an artistic style based on the centrality of the spirit of life, breath, Anemos, which from 450 million years ago characterizes unequivocally the planet earth.
Francesco Librizzi
Francesco Librizzi is an architect and interior designer currently working in Milan. In 2005 he founded his studio for design and architecture. As writer and editor, he collaborated from 2005 to 2007 with the magazine DOMUS. From 2003 to 2005 he collaborated as architect with Luceplan, for a new project in regards to a new corporate identity and as designer for the advanced research in new typologies of products. in march 2004 he graduated in architecture at the faculty of architecture within palermo University (magna cum laude). Francesco was born on may 19th,1977.
Danila Pellicani
Danila Pellicani is a product designer interested in low cost objects, useful tools and minimal projects. After the graduation in Industrial Design, she worked for four years for Massimo Iosa Ghini architect where she developed products and exhibition set ups for the most important italian companies. Meanwhile she collaborated with the art gallery Aggregato working on design and research in between of art and ‘old style’ design. From February 2010 she collaborates with Id-Lab as product and interaction designer. She is also a teacher of Product Design I for the first year class at NABA (Nuova Accademia di Bella Arti).
Giordano Rizzardi
He has exposed since 1993.
1988 – graduated in National Art Institute “M. Fanoli” – Section Arts of the Advertising Graphics and Photography. 1996 – achieved the diploma of Operator Technical Computer for the creation and the vectorial modeling three-dimensional, specializing himself on the techniques of creation of virtual environments and spaces. From years ‘90 to today – develops a personal search into audio-video and photographic experimentations.
Alessandro Scandurra
Alessandro Scandurra was born in 1968. Since 1993 starts a collaboration with the architect Umberto Riva. In 2001 he formed Scandurrastudio. In 2004 Scandurra achieved third place in the competition for the new headquarters for Regione Lombardia in Milano. In the last years has developed and concluded various projects: the new Zurich Company Italian Headquarter in Milan has been completed in 2009 and now has been nominated for the Mies Van der Rohe Award 2011; the Bookshop of La Scala Theater in Milan has been completed in 2008. Scandurra has been taking part in the last two editions of the International Architecture Exhibition at the Biennale di Venezia; he has also set up the exhibition “Gold medal for Italian architecture 2009” which is now nominated for the 2011 gold medal prize. The studio has several ongoing projects such as a three towers housing complex in Milan and a plant visual mitigation and territorial park in Brindisi. Alessandro Scandurra has pursued his professional career in conjunction with teaching at Politecnico and Naba in Milano, Supsi in Lugano, with publishing and other research activities in the field of architecture.
Anita Silva
Anita Silva graduated from Naba (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milano) with a BA in Design in 2009. Whilst studying in Milan she started collaborating as online contributing editor for Abitare magazine and she is currently attending the MA Creative Practice for Narrative Environment at Central Saint Martins in London.

Dominic Wilconx’s exhibition curated by Susanna Legrenzi

Susanna Legrenzi
She lives and works in Milan. She is a professional journalist since ’94. After working as an editor at Art & Design Io Donna/Corriere della Sera, for six months is split between print (Vogue Italy, The Journal of Architecture etc …) and the web. Chief of Big Ben Zine Design, since 2009 is Professor of Design NABA, Milan.
Dominic Wilcox
Dominic Wilcox is an artist, designer and inventor who works within the territory of the ‘everyday’. Everyday objects, environments, buildings, human interaction, no area of normality is out of reach. His work, which is usually layered with an ultra dry wit, places a spotlight on the banal, always adding a new, alternative perspective on things we take for granted. His work has been published and exhibited extensively around the world and he continues to develop his work in all fields of creativity. After studying a degree in Visual Communication at Edinburgh College of Art, followed by a period of time living in Japan, Wilcox later undertook an MA at the Royal College of Art on the renowned Design Product course led by Ron Arad. After leaving the RCA in 2002, he started a partnership called Mosley meets Wilcox. One major MMW project was a collaboration with Rock photographer Mick Rock which ended in a collection of objects exhibited in Sept 2004.

Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Faculty of Architecture, Dept. of Architecture:
Watcharapol Taemeyachat, Tanachai Thavornwatsakul, Ruchanan Patarapanich, Pote Laddaphan, Puttikit Suvarnapunya, Kiattikhun Nimcharoenwan, Asrin Sanguanwongwan, Patsaraporn Liewatanakorn, Kanya Vithayadumrong, Kanyada Nitjarunkul
BKK, Thailand:
Simona Meesaiyati, Panjaporn Chaichompoo, Pariphat Sinma, Karit Vichaithanaruks, Phorphen Prasertsil, Chonradee Piyapaneekul, Thanapat Teekathananontww, Ramon Ornelas, Perla Valitierra
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Singapore, 3D Design, Diploma in Furniture Design:
Calvin Pang, Tjiang Supertini
National University of Singapore, BA Industrial Design:
Terry Chin, Siew Ming Cheng, HK Ng, Darren Yeo
Dept. of Architecture Texas A&M:
Christopher Dilworth, Karine Bashoyan, Elizabeth Tschirhart, Miranda Katherine Rogers, Valerie Marie Stevens, Trey Donovan Rice, David Rose, Katie Ogden, Allison Gay, Lori Kneese, Heriberto Rodriguez Valenzuela, Daniel A. Senning, Thomas V. Bett, Danielle N. Davis, Joshua M. Wilson
Dundee University:
Andrew Tibbles, Callum Brown
Politecnico di Milano:
Huang Zhizhong, Gao Yuxin
Domus Academy, Milan, School of Fashion and Design:
Arush Baluja

Rachaporn Choochuey
Born in Bangkok, received her B. Arch from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok (1993), M.S.AAD. from Columbia University, New York (1998) and Ph.D. from The University of Tokyo (2002). Currently based in Bangkok, she is teaching at Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University and working as an architect with all(zone) Ltd. where she is also a co-founder.
Peter Lang
holds a Bachelor in Architecture from Syracuse University (1980) and a Ph.D. in history and urban studies from NYU (2000). A Fulbright Fellow, Lang is Associate Professor with the Department of Architecture at Texas A&M University in College Station. Lang co-curated together with Mark Wasiuta and Luca Molinari, “Environments and Counter Environments: Experimental Media in Italy: The New Domestic Landscape, MoMA 1972” as part of Columbia University’s “Living Archives” series. The exhibit is currently being shown at the Swedish Architectural Museum in Stockholm. He is co-author of “Superstudio: Life Without Objects” (Skira 2003). In both his research and contemporary practice, Lang investigates how the living environment is constructed through evolving new media applications. []
Francesca Lanzavecchia
Francesca Lanzavecchia (born in Pavia, Italy in 1983) earned a degree in Product Design from the Politecnico di Milano. In 2008 she obtained a Master degree Cum Laude in IM-Conceptual Design in Context from the Design Academy of Eindhoven. Her thesis project “ProAesthetics Supports”: The Perception of Disability through its Artifacts” was tutored by DROOG Design co-founder Gijs Bakker. Francesca’s personal interpretation of design is the results of a multidisciplinary approach combining an engineering problem-solver attitude with an emotional fascination for humanism. Being grounded in the practical and logical, she practices an agile methodology and produces provoking concepts. Francesca dreams, observes, debates, experiments, designs, and creates; drawing upon the emotional and intangible, while relating them with the real and affecting.
Tommaso Maggio
Tommaso Maggio is based in Bangkok, Thailand. Full time Lecturer, Design I – II Coordinator at CommDe, Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University [BKK]. Co-founder of MIXT []. Editor in Chief of Communication Design Consultant for private and public agencies. He has been a Teacher in BA Design and MSc Brand Design at the Nuova Accademia Belle Arti, NABA and Istituto Europeo Design IED [Mi, IT] and later at Centro de Estudios Superiores de Diseño de Monterrey, CEDIM [MTY, MX]. Education: M.Sc 5-year degree in Industrial Design, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Attanasio Mazzone
After graduating with honors he immediately began working as an assistant designer artist Vered Zaykovsky in the department of NABAdesign, the course of Project Methodology III “Eat or die” for the academic year 2009/2010. He works with ID-Lab in Milan for several projects in Italy and worldwide. In September 2010 he gave a lecture at UVM Toluca (Mexico). From January 2011 he teaches Product Design and Vector Drawing the Centre de Diseño, Cine y Television in DF (Mexico City). At the same time he carries a few personal projects that investigate various fields of design.
Laura Perin
Laura Perin, Architect, is based in Bangkok. Full-time lecturer at ABAC School of Architeture & Design Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand. Focused on media communication, strategy and architectural research. From 2008 to present she is co-Founder of MIXT [], and also Managing Editor of Previously she was in charge of the communication strategy at the Dellekamp Arquitectos in Mexico City, Mexico. Education: Degree in Architecture at University of Technology_GRAZ | Austria [].
Hunn Way
Hunn Wai (1980, London) graduated from the IM Masters programme* of the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven in 2007, under the direction of DROOG Design co-founder Gijs Bakker. Hailing from the island city-state of Singapore, a melting pot for the colours and flavours of diverse cultures, his design philosophy is drawn towards the processes and results of collisions, combinations and fusions of materials, meanings and forms. Armed with the knowledge of contemporary design and manufacturing methods as well as an appreciation and the application of hands-on craft-like experimentation, Wai hopes to communicate his views in refreshing and surprising ways.

Elio Caccavale
Elio Caccavale was born in Naples, Italy. He studied Product Design at Glasgow School of Art before going on to the Royal College of Art to complete a Masters degree in Design Products. Elio is course director of the new MSc Product Design at Dundee University and he is visiting lecturer on the MA Design Interactions course at the Royal College of Art. In addition, he has held research positions at Newcastle University in the Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences Research Centre, Reading University in the School of System Engineering (Cybernetics) and Imperial College in the Institute of Biomedical Engineering. He has contributed to research projects supported by Wellcome Trust, Art Council England and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. He is the co-author of Creative Encounters (Wellcome Trust, 2008), a book that explores the many opportunities and questions provided and prompted by collaborations between artists, designers, educators and scientists.
Hagit Pincovici
Hagit Pincovici is a product designer living in Rome and working in Milan, Italy. She graduated from the department of Industrial design in 2005 at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design- Jerusalem. She has won a scholarship for up standing achievements for her designs in 2005 from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation. After finishing her bachelor degree Hagit worked as head of the design department at the design company “Aqua Creations” in Tel-Aviv, Israel for a period of 2 years. During that period she has also participated in two design exhibitions in Tel-Aviv: “Artic”, at the art gallery of Tel-Aviv University “Folding chairs” at the central exhibition fair, Tel- Aviv. Hagit has graduated her master’s degree in 2009, graduated in excellence from the Design Management and Cultural Experience at Domus Academy in Rome. Since her graduation from the Domus Academy, Hagit has been teaching at the Naba design Academy in Milan and at Ied, Institute of European design. She has also taken part in group exhibition at the Triennale during the “Salone del Mobile” 2009.
Luca Poncellini
architect, designer, researcher / born in Torino, Italy, 1974 / bachelor degree in architecture at Politecnico di Torino, 2002 / doctorate degree in history of architecture and town planning at Politecnico di Torino, 2006 / member of cliostraat architecture, torino, italy, 1998-2008, / founder member of zeronitriti, webdesign office, / currently lives and works in Milano / collaborator of viapiranesi, / professor of various subjects concerning architecture and design at NABA – Nuova Accadenia di Belle Arti, Milano, and Politecnico di Milano, Piacenza / designer or guest lecturer in italy, germany, thailand, japan, usa, china, netherlands, hungary, turkey, algeria, senegal, switzerland / curator of a retrospective exhibition in Shanghai and author of a biographic book about the modern architect Laszlo Hudec, 2008-2010, / doing several different things at the same time, thus rejecting the idea of professional specialization.
Antonio Scarponi
Antonio Scarponi is an architect who thinks that buildings are just one of the many possible ways to make space. His work is mostly focused in all the others. He studied at IUAV, Venice, and at Cooper Union, NY. He collaborates with many international Design Magazines, among which: WIRED, ABITARE, Architectural Design, Beyond. He taught “Media Design” and “Reflective Design” at KTH, Stockholm and at NABA, Milan. In 2008 was nominated as one of the five finalist of the first edition of the Curry Stone Design Prize. He is the founder of Conceptual Devices. [


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Design Royale is an on-line workshop, a party-in-progress, and a mind-boggling night of the Milan Design week. It’s an ongoing project built through human relationships.

Design Royale al Cubo

Mediateca degli Atellani, via della Moscova 28 - Milano

From MONDAY 11.04 (15.00 to 22.00): making-of

FRIDAY 15.04 (starting at 23.00): opening

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