Design Royale

A party in-progress, for the best mind-boggling night of the Milan Design week.

10 days of digital work (facebook, twitter, flickr) + 14 days of physical work in Milan hideaways for one long night at the giardino segreto. A magical space filled with an extravaganza of…

15th april, via della Moscova 28, Milan (from 11.00 pm through the night)

FB based event

After a week of hard work using social media as the main tool of communication, we are happy to say that the results were interesting and very exciting.

You can check the results by going to the Facebook page of Design Royale [facebook: design-royale], where you will be able to vote (using the “I like” functions) for what you like best.
In the meantime the Design Royale Politburo is selecting four pieces to be prototyped and built for the final event on Friday the 15th April.

Stay tuned to find out more on this on-going project.

facebook: dr – hagit pincovici
Young designers working with H. Pincovici:
Arush Baluja, Fah Kanya, Danny Senning, Pariphat Sinma, Heriberto Rodriguez Valenzuela, Kane Vichaithanarukus, Tjiang Supertini Yuwono

Fish & Crops
facebook: dr – antonio scarponi
Young designers working with A. Scarponi:
Tommy Bett, Aeyy Chaichompoo, Fay Liewattanakorn, Katie Ogden, Chonradee Piyapaneekul, David Rose, Elizabeth Tschirhart, Joshua Wilson, Darren Yeo

Hang me out
facebook: dr – luca poncellini
Young designers working with L. Poncellini:
Karine Bashoyan, Danielle Davis, Lori Kneese, Siew Ming, Fa Phorphen Praesertil, Trey Donovan Rice, Rucha Ruchaagain, Watcharapol Taemeyachat

Sumo costumes
facebook: dr – elio caccavale
Young designers working with E. Caccavale:
Boomkung Arch, Callum Brown, Terry Chin, Ng Hk, Jew-Ew Nitjarunkul, Ramon Stewart Ornelas, Valerie Stevens, Andrew Tibbles, Perla Valtierra

Special thanks to the experts and advisors for the online workshops with young designers:
Elio Caccavale, Rachaporn Choochuey, Peter Lang, Francesca Lanzavecchia, Tommaso Maggio, Attanasio Mazzone, Laura Perin, Hunn Way

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More info

We will share all the relevant information over the following days.

Design Royale is an on-line workshop, a party-in-progress, and a mind-boggling night of the Milan Design week. It’s an ongoing project built through human relationships.

Design Royale al Cubo

Mediateca degli Atellani, via della Moscova 28 - Milano

From MONDAY 11.04 (15.00 to 22.00): making-of

FRIDAY 15.04 (starting at 23.00): opening

Design Royale on Twitter