Design Royale

A party in-progress, for the best mind-boggling night of the Milan Design week.

10 days of digital work (facebook, twitter, flickr) + 14 days of physical work in Milan hideaways for one long night at the giardino segreto. A magical space filled with an extravaganza of…

15th april, via della Moscova 28, Milan (from 11.00 pm through the night)

Event: Mammuthus belli (Forte)

Mammuthus Belli, a sauna for more than 10 meters high, shaped like a mammoth tusk with six meters long fangs.
A creature that comes straight from the era ArkiZoica

from tuesday 12th April
you can meet Duilio Forte, talk to him and see the making of
friday 15th April (starting at 23.00)
the mammuth is ready for the battle

VIDEO L’avanzata del mammut

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We will share all the relevant information over the following days.

Design Royale is an on-line workshop, a party-in-progress, and a mind-boggling night of the Milan Design week. It’s an ongoing project built through human relationships.

Design Royale al Cubo

Mediateca degli Atellani, via della Moscova 28 - Milano

From MONDAY 11.04 (15.00 to 22.00): making-of

FRIDAY 15.04 (starting at 23.00): opening

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